Elemental Reaction

flash, futzi01, Interactive, top-down, twilight sparkle

Canterlot Siege 2

Cadance, Celestia, flash, futzi01, game, Luna, Lyra Heartstrings, strategy, top-down, tower defense, twilight sparkle, vinyl scratch, zecora

Twilight Sparkle vs Trixie

flash, game, mdvgames, multiplayer, physics, strategy, Trixie, twilight sparkle

Zapple Hill

applejack, flash, game, top-down

The Reddit Game

flash, futzi01, game, original characters, shooter, silly

Twilight Wing

flash, futzi01, game, shooter, side scroller, twilight sparkle

Minuette vs Tardiness

Colgate, flash, game, Minuette, platformer, pony platforming project, side scroller

Rainbow Dash Attack!

cloud dodger, flash, game, perianardocyl, rainbow dash, side scroller

Don't Shoot Rarity

fastfrost, flash, game, rarity, shooter, silly

Sweetie Bot's Pixel Trip

flash, futzi01, game, platformer, side scroller, sweetie belle

Games Ponies Don't Play 3-in-1 Megacart

applejack, avoid objects, flash, game, rhythm, side scroller, sparklepeep

Where's Derpy? 2

derpy hooves, flash, game, hidden object game, pepperpunk, point and click, puzzle

Fluttershy Navigate

flash, fluttershy, game, greentl, platformer, puzzle, side scroller

Applejack's Horseshoe Toss

applejack, arcade, drud14, flash, game, physics

Explore Ponyville

applejack, drud14, flash, fluttershy, Interactive, pinkie pie, point and click, rainbow dash, twilight sparkle

Catch Fluttershy's Beaver

arcade, catch falling objects, collect objects, flash, fluttershy, game, sparklepeep

Sweet Apple Cider

applejack, arcade, flash, game, kevinsano